Saturday, July 21, 2012

the clothes hunter

photos: lamparas
mua: alexa
stylists: me + aiken
creative director: matt
models: yvy + el

this is it.

if you think you've seen the clothes i was wearing in the photos above, yes, you are right! this was the fun shoot i was referring to in my post a few weeks ago. my friend, Aiken, and i are having a small business about clothes called The Clothes Hunter. above are some of our first designs. you can add us on facebook to keep you updated on our next designs. your support will definitely be appreciated! (just saying. no pressure.) hahaha!

BTS photos on my next post!


Florence + the Machine - Spectrum


the dreamer said...

I love sheer maxis!

Sarah x

Michelle's Style File said...

Great photoshoot!


Style Hostess said...

Lovin' the pieces heavily girls!! So nice ♥
Would love to be updated on your future designs. For now, keep the inspiration board full and fresh ideas coming. This is really good :)


Paulina said...

I love all of the outfits!

Fabliha said...

All these clothing pieces are stunning and the shoot does look like a lot of fun! that sheer skirt is so cool

Margarida Reis said...

amazing pics. absolutly lovely shoes.

Lacee Swan said...

love the leopard pieces!

Simone Diederich said...

Lovely pics!

Chica de Ahora

Frank Vinyl said...

love all the sheer! killer looks girl

Clara Turbay said...

you look amazing!

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