Saturday, July 7, 2012

looking forward


photos by: aiken


just a day after our board exam/we got out from the retreat house, matt texted my friends and i if we want to be part of a project he had in mind as one of the ten outstanding students of the Philippines. we thought it was a joke until he finalized a meeting last thursday. we met with the team of a local magazine and proposed the said project. after almost 2 hours of talking and being awestruck at the same time, we all agreed. now we're looking forward for the project to start.

it is such a pleasure for us to be given a chance to work with creative people who we share the same passion/interests with. thanks matt and to the awesome team!


Maroon 5 - One More Night


Bernadeth G. said...

love everything!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

The Golden Girls said...

obsessed with the name of your blog! so soooo important to live like A DREAMER!!! Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

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