Friday, July 20, 2012

photo diary: the food trip

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a break from my routine.

instead of watching a film in Ayala as what we've planned earlier this week, my friends (Hannah and Andi) decided we'll have a food trip to some of the cafes we know around the city. since it was very random, yours truly wasn't able to bring her camera with her, ergo, the crappy photos.

from Ayala, we walked to Micky's, a japanese cafe that serves quite a range of cheesecakes. we ordered two of their best sellers: blueberry and snow white cheesecakes. after we finished our cheesecakes, we walked to another cafe called Sweet Little Things (SLT) that sells cupcakes in different flavors. we ordered three of their best sellers (or so they say): lemon poppyseed, cappuccino and cookies & cream. while digging in our cupcakes, we talked about going to Cafe Egao after we're done in SLT but we ended up eating yet in another cafe called Sprockets, a hallway away from SLT. we ordered three milk teas: taro, strawberry and wintermelon. since Hannah was looking for a salty food to eat, she ordered tacos (despite our full stomachs.) we stayed there for a while; we talked, laughed and took some photos of their humongous camera menus and pillows. after stuffing our stomachs, we headed back to Ayala (because going to another cafe would be like suicide-- that's how full we are!), accompanied Andi to the terminal since she had to go home before 6pm. Hannah and i went inside the mall to do some errands then we went to SM to look for the thing that she needs and to stroll for a little while to help our body digest all the sugar we ingested that afternoon. it was almost 9pm when i reached our house.

thank you friends for the sugar-overload day! you two are the sweetest inedible friends! nomnom! belated happy birthday, Han!


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