Monday, February 27, 2012

she loves the natural light, captured in black and white

books to read before the first half of the year ends. HA!

Kokology by Nagao and Saito. at long last, after almost 2 months, i've finally finished reading it! i know it's supposed to be a one-sitting book, but i couldn't help myself from falling asleep and from thinking/doing school and other stuff that caused me to forget about it just like what happened to the first two books in the picture (The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings by Poe and The Devil and Miss Prym by Coelho) which i haven't done reading up to now and i didn't bother reading asap since i don't have to return it to anyone, anyway.

French By Sound by Weeks. i haven't really read the book. i just scanned it sometime between the 2 months i've forgotten reading kokology. it is an interesting but confusing book on how to learn french and because of this book: i prefer learning by listening.

Special Places To Stay: Italy by Alastair Sawday. really did enjoy looking at photos of different hotels/B&Bs in Italy. it's like food for the eyes and soul to feed my wanderlust. didn't regret buying it on impulse-- it's a bargain! (fyi: i'm not really a fan of buying real/actual books, it just depends on how much i love it, because i prefer to download free ebooks from the net. i know it's not good, but it saves me from spending my money. sarreh.)

It's Kind of a Funny Story by Vizzini and Shiver by Stiefvater. i borrowed both books after i returned Kokology and French by Sounds to Hannah yesterday, which, by the way, i can't wait to read! even though i've seen the movie version of IKOAFS, the book still looks interesting to read.

..time is precious and i need a lot of it.

collect books (especially travel/fashion books), definitely in my bucket list! :)


Death Cab For Cutie - Monday Morning

Saturday, February 25, 2012

inspiration: shoe lust

(i don't own any of the photos above. got it from the net and compiled it.)

give me a good pair of shoes, i swear, i'll never get tired of walking.

i'd rather procrastinate and be inspired than think of how to start my requirements and be depressed.. i'll deal with the consequences later. (okay, i didn't really mean that. i just need a little breather.)

last january, i've made up my mind to make a real bucket list and fulfill everything i wrote under it. it may take a lot of months/years to do all of it (i may add a thing or two every once in awhile), but i'll take it as a motivation, something to look forward to and something to be happy about. i don't want it to end up undone like my other to-do/bucket lists that i made before which were mostly short-term goals or goals for a certain year. this time, it'll be different. i promise. :)

shoes. yes, it's part of the list! i might as well mention Aiken, ze shoe buddy! (our goal, yes? leggo!) hahaha!


Dev - Dancing Shoes

Friday, February 24, 2012

photo in an instant

(all photos by Pierre)

never regret taking a lot of photographs.

truth is, i don't really know how to introduce the person behind the photos above. let me just start it with.. Pierre, is a good friend of mine in college who loves to take photos through the use of his iPhone. he mostly loves to take random photos and he is very shy. he is the type of person you feel comfortable being with. he has an i-couldn't-care-less/neutral attitude, but you know he cares about almost everything like everyone else does. and oh, he also has some epic fail moments while riding jeepneys (the guy we thought who never rides jeepneys, only taxis! rich kid. hahaha!)

check out his other photos/ follow him on his instagram account here.


Coldplay - Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

fix it or lose yourself

a talk and/or a good cry can do wonders.


Coldplay - Fix you

(from me to me)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

i need some time off


happy heart's day; alone but not lonely, i guess.

had a volunteer duty from 8am until 2pm. hurried to go back home to change and get some stuff because ze 'rents didn't inform me ahead of time that they'll leave home earlier than planned.. i could have prepared my stuff and put it in the car. i decided that i won't bring my cam because lappy's heavy enough to carry and besides, it's a burden carrying a lot of stuff when you're not riding a private car or a taxi, you know. (taxis are expensive and i'm practical. in short, i don't have a lot of money/i'm broke. hahaha!)

met up with Hannah in Ayala for a few minutes to get my notebook (thank you very much for making my requi, han!) and to give her something. after that, have to hurry to go to IT park to meet up with my parents. actually, they've waited for an hour for me in Ayala but i insisted that they should head first to IT park to look for a parking space before it gets full because of the concert (Martin and Sharon. mom's a BIG fan of Martin. ever since i can remember, she never missed a concert of him here in Cebu. gaaaahh?) when i arrived, we ate dinner then headed to Waterfront Hotel. stayed for a few minutes in the lobby before i decided to head back again to IT park.

went to Starbucks and turned on my lappy, but sadly, their wifi's not functioning so i decided to watch Nikita instead. after 2 hours, i got bored so i transferred to Coffeecat, but their wifi's effed up as well! about an hour after, Aiken arrived with her younger sister and just half an hour after they arrived, ze sister arrived 'to rescue me' because she thought i was all alone the whole night (which i didn't really mind, btw.)

at quarter to midnight, ze 'rents called us that the concert was done and that they're already heading to our car. my sister and i stood up on our feet, got out of the coffee shop and walked under the drizzle to get to our car which was parked 2 blocks away from where we stayed. (i kinda love walking these past few days because of the weather. there's something about it that's just so refreshing! like it gives you time to think and relax at the same time, don't you think?)


..that's just how my valentine's day went. it's something unusual for me because for the past years, we always celebrate it as a whole family, but this year was something new. btw, i don't really mind trying something new every now and then. i believe it can help me to grow as person by learning a thing or two from it. :)

bucket list, one down!

btw, since i didn't bring my cam, i used my cellphone in taking photos which i enjoyed a lot. small and compact? now who wouldn't love that? (aheeepointandshooteeem, 'rents! hahahahaha!) 

''i don't think i ever felt that good and that bad at the same time in my life.''
- Unknown


Foster The People - Call It What You Want


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the night after


the usual family day: movie and dinner.


Carolina Liar - Beautiful World


figure me out, please?

(photo from tumblr)

there are a lot of things going on in my mind right now, all at once.

i really don't know why, but right now, i feel so depressed and confused. sharing it to someone has helped somehow. 

''i want a great writer to jump into my body, figure me out, write about who am i, how i feel and read it to me.''
- Anonymous (blogsecret)


Landon Pigg - Perfectionist


Monday, February 13, 2012

time and friendship


going to let the pictures do the talking.

"Friends are the most important part of your life. Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories."
- Dave Brenner


M83 - Midnight City

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