Sunday, November 11, 2012

six degrees of separation

second. you're doing these things out of desperation.

two music video posts within an hour. sorry, the wire of my laptop kinda got busted late last week i just feel ecstatic right now because Hannah and i are planning something mind-blowing. haha *fingerscrossed*

updated: also, check out Rudimental's new music video, Not Giving In, which was shot in the Philippines. the song also features John Newman (again) and Alex Clare. it's more fun in the Philippines, eh?


give me love

paint splattered teardrops on my shirt.

finally! one of my fave songs by ed already has a music video.

btw, did Isabel Lucas (yup, the girl from transformers: revenge of the fallen) also remind you of Warren Kenneth Worthington III (a.k.a. Archangel) from x-men when his wings were still growing?


Friday, November 9, 2012

because i'm a dreamer

PARIS (france)

AMSTERDAM (netherlands)

VENICE (italy)

ROME (italy)

SANTORINI (greece)

VERONA (italy)


PRAGUE (czech republic)

TUSCANY (italy)





dream on.

above are places i'd love to travel before i die — aside from the places i've mentioned in my previous post which i'd love to travel + move into, of course!

btw, the list is in no particular order  i've had enough difficulty just choosing a few places from all over the world (since i love to travel the whole world literally.)

photos: google
collaged by yours truly


LP - Into The Wild

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i dream to be an expat

below are places i currently dream to move and live into. i haven't been to any of the places before, i just made assumptions of what it'll look and feel like when one's actually living in it through the articles i've read or movies and photos i've seen. (i'm solely responsible for my assumptions/feelings and for the words i used) so pardon me or just stop reading if you find my words offensive/condescending.

LONDON or anywhere in the UK
(england, scotland, wales, northern ireland)
because i heard a lot of great, awesome, stupendous, struggling artists play gigs there for free. loljk. it's one of the reasons though, aside from the fact that i can't resist loving gloomy weather and an 'urban but with a country feel' kind of place. just walking on the sidewalks, after work or on a weekend, passing by bookstores, coffee shops or any interesting shops/parks/views would be enough to complete my day. i don't think i'll ever need any specs when i turn 60 yrs old or older, they're like food for my eyes.. and soul perhaps, but i'll definitely need hearing aids after years of listening to great, awesome, stupendous songs by great, awesome, stupendous, struggling artists.

because.. it's australia! ha! it's a place i consider peaceful and conducive to living. i find it homey and i don't know why or maybe because i'm a self-proclaimed wanderluster: i'm in love with places i've never been to and people i've never met-- a phrase that would summarize this whole blog post.

like i don't mind getting lost or walking everyday as long as i'll be seeing a stuyvesant street, manhattan kind of setting. stumbling upon a park or two along the way wouldn't hurt especially if we're talking about THE grand central park. a few months or a year living in nyc would be fine, but a lifetime? i don't know. it's just that the city's too fast paced imho.

because of the urban with a country feel, again. i'm not really sure why, but for me, it's like london and nyc combined. and yes, cloud gate's a plus point.

i also heard they have awesome music festivals there. (haha i'm not kiddin.) seriously, i kinda love the LA neighborhood. i'm not specifically talking about the rich and famous neighborhood, the normal and peaceful type would be enough as long as i get to walk around LA everyday beneath those palm trees which leads me to.. yup, the sunsets. i also love the setting of the movie 500 days of summer. if you've forgotten what it looks like, maybe you could, like watch it again? it'll be worth it. levitt's in the movie, duh. as well as the adorbs dechannel (sans the dumping levitt part.)

even though there are a lot of places i love (i saved it for my next post), e.g. Paris, it just didn't strike me as a place for working and living. i find Paris a great place for vacation only.. not unless i find a job that's totally Paris-befitting (eg. a baker for french macarons or a part of Vogue Paris, attend fashion shows or events and write articles about it and whatnot. HA!) you know i'm kidding, right? i may be chatty at times in my posts, but writing. is. not. really. my. thing. i rather show it through photographs even though photography's not my forte either. it's just that, pressing the shutter button's much easier than arranging my thoughts and putting them into words.

i digress, if you feel i'm prejudicial to the places i've mentioned above, you're always welcome to comment below and share your thoughts. maybe it'll even benefit me-- i'll get to read opinions/facts i haven't known before.

PS. i don't hate my country or trying to forget where i came from. i just want a new environment where i'm not accustomed to or where i can learn a lot of new stuff, enjoy and grow up. (dream on, adele! haha!)

photos: google
collaged by yours truly


Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

move vs europe

move. pronto.

this video is another version of the video i posted before in my old blog. this is also a hint to what i think i'll be obsessed this month. in other words, i've already made posts that are waiting to be published and ideas that are waiting to be put into actions. wait, did you just think i've been really a lazy bum for the past few weeks? well, you're wrong! unless you count facing my laptop/mobile almost everyday to look for inspirations for my boring couch potato-life or broaden my knowledge in the form of surfing the internet as lazy, then i plead guilty. pardon me.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

this is just a break


one song's enough to instigate.

i guess November can't stop me from posting music-related posts. if you haven't noticed, i've been making themed posts for the past few months (incidentally!) August - lookbooks. September - runway looks. October - music.

this month, i'm wondering if it'll continue (if so, what will i be obsessed this time.) hmmmm.


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