Saturday, April 28, 2012

photo diary: day 1 (macau)


My Look

definitely feeding my wanderlust.

outer harbour ferry terminal. museu de macau. ruins of St. Paul's. taipa. galaxy macau. venetian hotel.

''go.. take a lot of pictures. go freeze those moments and put them on paper. so when the time comes that you doubt if all of those things ever happened, you'll have photos to prove to yourself that it really did.''
- Hannah Riz


Snow Patrol - Life-ning

Thursday, April 26, 2012

photo diary: day 1 (hong kong)


when memories become treasured photographs .

nathan road. hong kong taxi. hotel lobby. room 20020 window view. harbour city. avenue of stars. tsim sha tsui. jewelry city. aberdeen fishing village. jumbo kingdom. mid-levels of victoria peak. hong kong space museum. mcdonald's at royal pacific hotel. kee wah bakery. china-macau ferry terminal. one-way ticket to macau.

''the thing that i feel the most guilt for is not taking enough photographs. i compensate for my bad memory by capturing as much of life as i can, and when i miss things, i feel like they are gone forever.''
- N. Hakanson


Local Natives - Airplanes

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