Thursday, May 10, 2012

dolce cafe


a random stop at Dolce.

since i've been seeing and hearing stuff about Dolce Cafe these past few days, i can't wait to go back there, feel the place and chill for HOURS! (yes, we need a break from all our energy-draining lectures!)


Sleeping At Last - Turning Page


Sunday, May 6, 2012

photo diary: day 3 (ocean park)


My Look

what i really look like most of the time: moron. hahaha.

last day syndrome.. wish we could stay longer.

old hong kong. cable car. ocean park tower. expedition trail. bumper blaster. challenge zone. whirly bird. marine world games zone. ocean theater. rainforest why zone. summit plaza. ocean express. gator marsh. giant panda adventure. panda village. goldfish treasures. waterfront plaza. sky fair. grand aquarium. aqua city bakery. ocean square.


The Paper Kites - Woodland

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

photo diary: day 2 (disneyland)


waiting for the fireworks.

My Look

having fun creating a world of my own.

art of animation. orbitron. buzz lightyear astro blasters. space mountain. ufo zone. fantasy gardens. sleeping beauty castle. mickey's philhar magic. toy soldier parachute drop. liki tikis. jungle river cruise. rafts to tarzan's treehouse. tarzan's treehouse. flights of fantasy. festival of the lion king. autopia.


Wakey! Wakey! - Light Outside

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