Sunday, September 30, 2012




a debutante and bridal fashion show.

the event, which was held at Marco Polo, featured the creations of the Fashion Council of Cebu. gowns were proudly designed by Albert Arriba, Arcy Gayatin, Anthony Romoff, Vania Romoff, Cary Santiago, Ditas Rodriguez, Jun Escario, Oj Hofer, Phillip Tampus, and Yvonne Quisimbing.

btw, this is my second post using the new blogger look and editor. i find it a bit tricky since the html codes were changed, ergo i can't manipulate my photos like before-- different photo sizes.


Kanye West - Street Lights

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the lover of life

life is her playground.

if passion has a name, i think the name that would perfectly fit would be Nikky, the girl behind simplechaoticlife. i've been wanting to make a post about her blog for quite sometime already, since her old blog days (to be clearer), but i was a little too late becuase she already deleted it.

just a few months ago, right after the fashion show that Yenny (Nikky's sister) invited us to, i asked why Nikky deleted her blog when in fact, it's too cool/inspiring and one of the blogs i look forward to read. Yenny replied that her sister made a new blog and so i asked for the link. since then, i've been looking forward to her posts.. again.

if the title of this post still didn't enlighten you to what i'm trying to tell you since the very first sentence, let me say it in other words: the girl is bonkers for life! her passion for her family, for living, traveling, food, art, music, discovering and learning new things, and taking risks awed me and her writing never ceases to amuse me. she's got the talent in writing that makes you feel you're with her in every adventure she posted on her blog. she's also one of the few people who taught/inspired me (through her words) to be grateful to whatever you have and be a lover of life as well.

btw, she lived in Paris before but now she's already staying in Barcelona. good news to all those who loves Paris as much as i do and to the other wanderlusters out there: she still writes about Paris in her new blog as much as she writes about the many places she'd been to. and what's more inspiring about her is that, despite everything she accomplished/done, she stayed grounded. you may wonder why i can say these kinds of things even though i don't know her personally, but let me just tell you, try reading the words she'd thoughtfully used in her blog, you'll never think otherwise. and i guess it runs in their family because her sister is one of the humblest people i've encountered in my 20 years of existence.

just a piece of advice, follow Nikky through her blog (i'm not saying be the stalker type!!) because you'll be doing yourself a favor. you'll learn a thing or two.. or even more! :)

i think i should probably shut up now and let you wander in her blog, yes?

P.S. more of Nikky on tumblr and twitter.

“the world's a big place. you can't do or be everything, nor should you. life is bigger than any one man. but when you read about other people's lives, when you read their stories, you catch a glimpse of a world bigger than your own. you may never travel a hundred miles from where you were born, but if you read stories, you'll get to see the entire world.”
- Steve Dublanica


Bon Iver - Blindsided

Thursday, September 20, 2012

pursuit of real happiness

photos: tumblr

someday, i'll find it.

i have been and will always be looking for anything inspirational to help me survive life or during my most boring/stressful moments.

these past few months, i've been doing nothing productive. not if you count eating, listening to a lot of music, watching movies, downloading more music, surfing the net, looking for inspiration in everything i touch, hear or see, tweeting, reading books, going out with my family during the weekends and sleeping. ohh, you think it's a bit too much to occupy my time, but you're wrong. i still have those boring, idle, depressing moments where i just don't know what to do but stare at the ceiling.. and think about random stuff. i'm not referring to stuff like killing other people or myself! just the normal thoughts that normal people usually think when they know they have all the time in their hands.

fast forward before i make this post into a book, i've been thinking about my future. (surprise, surprise!) yes, i'm not really crazy or that carefree not to think about my life. well, i haven't really decided much about looking for a job since my parents don't think i should be looking for one yet. but right at this very day, at this very moment, there's one job i'd jump right into if ever it'll be offered in front of my face: attend gigs/concerts/music festivals all over the world! thinking about my interests (music, travelling, fashion and photography), i think it'll perfectly fit to be called MY DREAM JOB, if there's even a job like that one. *sigh* 

though i think that job is closer to impossible, but if you ever hear someone who offers that kind of job, do contact me.. please. hahaha! my blog's name wouldn't be what it is now if i didn't mostly dream the impossible. right! actually i've been spending quite a lot of time for some time already stalking artists/bands all over the net just to prep myself in seeing them play live anytime soon! loljk. nah, it's just my way of pursuing my happiness at the moment (by just watching/listening over the net.)

updated: a good friend of mine, Remar, just shared an article with me: World's Happiest Countries. since i find it inspiring, i might as well share it on my blog. to all the other wanderlusters out there, this will be food for your eyes, heart and soul-- indulge!


The Dø - Bohemian Dances

Monday, September 17, 2012

Reed Krakoff

photos: wwd

reed krakoff spring 2013.


Arctic Monkeys - Reckless Serenade

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