Tuesday, September 11, 2012

inspiration: Natalie x Levi's

her style, she just couldn't care less.

since the early days of my sort-of addiction to reading blogs and before i even started my old blog, i've been drawn to Natalie's sense of style. i couldn't really remember how i found her blog, but one thing's for sure, since then til now, it has been a-must-visit for me everytime i decide to look for inspiration over the internet. if you haven't known her style, in my own observation and words, it's a lil bit of everything but with an evident tomboyish and carefree/effortless/i-couldn't-care-less touch (which btw, i'm such a sucker for.)

moving on, her latest collab was with Levi's ''Go Forth'' campaign. i really find the video interesting that's why i decided to make a post about it. it's just so cool, carefree and inspirational. and i must admit, with all those places, video effects, voice-overs and song in the background, i can't help but be more amused in a 2-minute video.. it shouts passion and being real!! (or am i the only one who feels this way?) but i guess not, bec according to her, her real self was captured perfectly in the video and, if it's still not obvious after all the blabs i made before you reached this sentence, i couldn't agree more to what she said!

to know more about the campaign, click here and here.

''you don't have to be perfect to be happy with who you are. it's those little imperfections that you have to love the most.''
-Natalie Suarez


Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments



aiken said...

loved the video as well!! it showed the real her! :))))

girlinthelens said...

I've always loved her too, and it's so nice to actually hear her talk about her blog :) x


Kendra Alexandra said...

Great video!
Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
Would you like to follow each other on GFC??



Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

Nava said...

Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


Clara Turbay said...

it´s the perfect way to chosse what you like and show it off.

Vera said...

This video is so sweet!great post!Really!

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