Monday, September 3, 2012

current affairs and my views


another product of my laziness: delayed post.

if you're following me on twitter or instagram, you've probably seen/known my family and i checked in for a night at Club Ultima a few weeks ago on a long weekend.

above are the photos of the room (condotel) we stayed in. took photos of it to serve as my inspiration because if ever i'll be given a chance to have a place of my own, i'll definitely pick this kind of space.


Nada Surf - Always Love


aiken said...

choya ug room oi! sa jones ni? haha

Morgan Brooks said...

These pictures are stunning. Fabulous editing!
If you get a second, it would be amazing if you could come check out my latest post!

Borjana said...

Oh my!What's not to love here babe!;)

Victoria said...

It looks like a great place to stay at! :)

- Victoria

abby said...

Great work. I am highly obliged that you are sharing current affairs of 2012 of india with us. I really like that you are posting on daily basis and that too with good typical news which i didn't get from anywhere. Being IAS aspirant at, i really appreciate your work

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