Thursday, August 9, 2012

sunday 2pm


drop by, read or just chill.

a few weeks ago, my friend/business partner, aiken, decided we'll meet up in order for me to finally see the clothes that we will be selling and to plan about the photoshoot for it. we ended up meeting at a cafe called Sunday 2pm since both of us haven't been there yet. after 2 hours of planning, we headed to Ayala where our other friends were waiting for us to join them in watching The Healing. after the movie, we ate dinner and i had to leave after eating since my sister's waiting for me at her office so that we can go home together.. and that's basically what happened that day. :)

click here to see our plans put into actions and here to see the product of our labor.


Fun. - Out on the Town


SL' outfits said...

Wow, I like what I see here, your blog is so inspiring, really!!

Have a nice day dear!

Arwena said...

Love Your blog! ♥

wanna follow each other? :)

check out my new outfit, hope U gonna like it :)

Suvarna Gold said...

very nice blog :)

Jules said...

Nice pics!

XO Jules

Clara Turbay said...

Dynamic, modern and tasteful.

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