Saturday, August 18, 2012

inspiration: wild child

photos: nasty gal

nasty gal's august 2012 lookbook.

instead of just chilling and listening to a live band with my family here at a hotel, i'd rather do something productive while i'm at it by sharing this lookbook. there's just something about the photos and looks that makes it look so carefree and free-spirited, yes? (and yes, i'm a sucker for both.)

btw, expect for more inspiration posts because there were no kodak moments for me to capture these past few days-- i'm so busy being a couch potato.


Daughter - Youth


eva loukaki said...

amazing photos.thanks for sharing xxx

Lauren said...

I couldn't agree with you more! These nasty gal images are outrageously good!

Loving your blog,

Arden said...

The photos are absolutely beautiful. xx

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Clara Turbay said...

always nice and simple.

Ivanna said...

lovely photos. x


Slanelle said...

perfect photos, great inspiration !

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