Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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from past to present.

since i've spent my day yesterday making DIYs, i thought it's time to publish this post which i made a few days ago..

i'm really fond of making DIYs ever since i was still in my late grade school days. i remember cutting my clothes or sewing beads on them, but this became some kind of madness during my college years when i started reading blogs. above are some of my DIYs i did during my early days in college (before i started blogging) until this year.

i'm not really into making DIY posts myself, but maybe i'll try doing it soon.. when i don't have anything to do a.k.a. bored to death.


Trent Dabbs - Wrap My Mind Around You


Morgan Brooks said...

Oh my goodness. I adore this post. You are too cute. So happy I found your blog. Now following!
If you get a moment come check out my latest post!

Barcelona Brunettes said...

amazing pics!!


jamie-lee said...

Loving all the little snaps. I've never been much of one for DIY just because I can't really sew, although have done the occasional one. You should totally do a DIY post!

Anonymous said...


Liz Lauren said...

great pics!

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