Friday, February 24, 2012

photo in an instant

(all photos by Pierre)

never regret taking a lot of photographs.

truth is, i don't really know how to introduce the person behind the photos above. let me just start it with.. Pierre, is a good friend of mine in college who loves to take photos through the use of his iPhone. he mostly loves to take random photos and he is very shy. he is the type of person you feel comfortable being with. he has an i-couldn't-care-less/neutral attitude, but you know he cares about almost everything like everyone else does. and oh, he also has some epic fail moments while riding jeepneys (the guy we thought who never rides jeepneys, only taxis! rich kid. hahaha!)

check out his other photos/ follow him on his instagram account here.


Coldplay - Don’t Let It Break Your Heart


insensible anthropoid said...

maayoha jud ani ni pieryong oy. dmd.

Pierre Xerxes said...

wa rako ka tunga nimo dai.. Thanks dele! g apil jud nimo ang jeepney ride. HAHA

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