Sunday, February 12, 2012

moody and quiet ballad of adele

chillin' with no make-up on.

currently drowning my self with music and with the darkness of the night. weather's a bit cold, coinciding with what i feel inside and with the music that's currently playing through the speakers.

moving on, about my to-do list: i'm still not done with my requirements, i decided i won't deactivate my fb account, i haven't made any playlists yet for my dear friends, but looking on the brighter side, i updated my blog-- the only thing i accomplished today! ha!

talking about playslists/music, i know i haven't been myself lately, but that's the only thing that keeps me inspired when i thought i've got nothing to be inspired about or when i thought i've got no energy or passion left. i know i'm NO music expert, but there's one thing i can say about it: it saved me more than i can ever remember. this reminds me of the conversation i had with my crazy friend, i told her i don't usually share music/songs/artists that saved me more than once from my problems or from my inner battles, so to speak, because of the fear of people overrating it which will eventually lead to the song losing it's meaning. selfish, eh? but she got what i meant.. instead, i like to share it to people who can really appreciate music, i added. now it reminds me of the story she said in reply that has something to do with facebook.. hahaha! (i know sometimes we get overwhelmed, but to the point you're like shoving it to other people's throat without any valid reason? na-ah!)


Ellie Goulding - This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)


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