Thursday, February 16, 2012

i need some time off


happy heart's day; alone but not lonely, i guess.

had a volunteer duty from 8am until 2pm. hurried to go back home to change and get some stuff because ze 'rents didn't inform me ahead of time that they'll leave home earlier than planned.. i could have prepared my stuff and put it in the car. i decided that i won't bring my cam because lappy's heavy enough to carry and besides, it's a burden carrying a lot of stuff when you're not riding a private car or a taxi, you know. (taxis are expensive and i'm practical. in short, i don't have a lot of money/i'm broke. hahaha!)

met up with Hannah in Ayala for a few minutes to get my notebook (thank you very much for making my requi, han!) and to give her something. after that, have to hurry to go to IT park to meet up with my parents. actually, they've waited for an hour for me in Ayala but i insisted that they should head first to IT park to look for a parking space before it gets full because of the concert (Martin and Sharon. mom's a BIG fan of Martin. ever since i can remember, she never missed a concert of him here in Cebu. gaaaahh?) when i arrived, we ate dinner then headed to Waterfront Hotel. stayed for a few minutes in the lobby before i decided to head back again to IT park.

went to Starbucks and turned on my lappy, but sadly, their wifi's not functioning so i decided to watch Nikita instead. after 2 hours, i got bored so i transferred to Coffeecat, but their wifi's effed up as well! about an hour after, Aiken arrived with her younger sister and just half an hour after they arrived, ze sister arrived 'to rescue me' because she thought i was all alone the whole night (which i didn't really mind, btw.)

at quarter to midnight, ze 'rents called us that the concert was done and that they're already heading to our car. my sister and i stood up on our feet, got out of the coffee shop and walked under the drizzle to get to our car which was parked 2 blocks away from where we stayed. (i kinda love walking these past few days because of the weather. there's something about it that's just so refreshing! like it gives you time to think and relax at the same time, don't you think?)


..that's just how my valentine's day went. it's something unusual for me because for the past years, we always celebrate it as a whole family, but this year was something new. btw, i don't really mind trying something new every now and then. i believe it can help me to grow as person by learning a thing or two from it. :)

bucket list, one down!

btw, since i didn't bring my cam, i used my cellphone in taking photos which i enjoyed a lot. small and compact? now who wouldn't love that? (aheeepointandshooteeem, 'rents! hahahahaha!) 

''i don't think i ever felt that good and that bad at the same time in my life.''
- Unknown


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WearAbouts said...

I'm a new follower of your blog! I absolutely love it and am so glad to have just found it. Follow me back? <3

Marie said...

I think your blog it's lovely :D
Follow each others?
come and visit mine if you like to :)

Annabel said...

love all these shots! great peek into your life :)

Cliff Tuna said...

Love your photos and I kind of like reading you ramble around because it's fun to know what other people doing all day long hehehe :D


vintage process said...

Great pictures!! I love it!

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