Saturday, December 31, 2011

a trip down memory lane

from present to past.

a year in a post; reminiscing with my old blog.

before this year ends, i just want to do a recap of what my year was like through photographs. had to grab photos from my old blog since i blog almost every event (caught on cam) in my life there for the past 19 months which includes this year, of course! (i'm referring to the past 11months before i made this blog.) but the photos was up until May 2011 only because of broken photo links which i explained here.

to my old blog followers, again, thank you for sticking up with me for those past months! hope you had fun as much as i did!

to everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)


The Paper Kites - Bloom


Phuong said...

great recap! Enjoy 2012

Travel in Style

Anonymous said...

Super nice pictures ! Happy 2012 ! :D


happy new year! i like the pictures in the food store!

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