Sunday, December 18, 2011

a little detour


another random family day; a little detour was a good idea.

while we were on our way to the hospital (i have to get some info about my patient a day before my duty day; i'm a nursing student, btw), my mom suddenly wants to do a little detour to a cafe called Corner Bakery and since Anya's Place was just near, we decided to drop by and check the place too. we haven't found the places accidentally, i was actually the one who suggested it to my parents before which was firstly suggested to me by my friends.

what i love about the two places is that both have a very homey ambiance and thinking that both are situated in a secluded area, its like finding a treasure in a very unexpected place.

be sure to drop by sometime if you're living in Cebu! :)


Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out


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