Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas in the city


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spent christmas in the city.

spent the christmas afternoon-night with my sister, brother and two of my cousins. we basically just want to go out.

first, we went to Parkmall because my brother had something to buy in Pixel Pro and he also bought me a new LCD protector to replace my old broken one (if you're following me on twitter, you're updated as of what i did while the saleslady carelessly peeled off my old protector: i was holding my breath!! but still, the thing i feared happened, my LCD was scratched in the process! rawr. btw, thanks again for the protector, braww!) after there, we went to Pier One to have our dinner then grabbed some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme (yes, right after dinner!) we strolled for an hour at IT park before we all called it a night.

we did have fun. its been a while since we went out together without any parental supervision. hahaha!


Hot Chelle Rae ft. New Boyz - I Like It Like That


Red to Yellow said...

love krispy kreme! cute outfit too!


Kamila M. said...

hi adele,
I just started a new blog. Its called "Same Same But Different". I would like to share with you my view on fashion, art and other amazing things. I hope you will enjoy the posts of my outfits, fashion illustrations and things which are a part of my life. I am happy about every comment or message. And please dont hasitate to criticize or to leave a healpful suggestion.


Hope to read from you soon,
Happy New Year,


p.s. love the blouse :)

little. said...


Michelle Lee said...

love your outfit, photos and Krispy Kreme :)

your newest follower Michelle

Aissata said...

beautiful photos. really nice. love the outfit

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