Tuesday, April 17, 2012

garland ceremony


My Look

you are cordially invited: Casino Royale.

today was the start of our board exam review. gaaaahh, i'm so tired. got a lot of things to do and i definitely have to finish it all before friday comes! the reason? i'll blog about it sooooon. :)


Adele - Rumor Has It



Arden said...

I love your look! You sure rock those white trousers... xx

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

What a great party!


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forward said...

Looks amazing!!! Great outfit too!!! Love the collar!!

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shop LOUD said...


LOVE THIS POST so fancy!!! check my blog out?

Lydia Rose said...

Stunning outfits, love the mix of photos! Nice to stumble on your blog! Looks great :)
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Raya said...

all the girls look amazing ;p

Lady E said...

wow, amazing photos ;)

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is great, the collar!
And all your photos are very very nice, I was a little surprised by the red dress with black lace, it is so different, I have never seen one alike.

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