Tuesday, June 12, 2012

gone for a while

in-house, here i come.

i will be gone for the next twenty days. my classmates and i will be staying in a retreat house to continue our review for our coming board exam on June 30-July 1, 2012. i will probably be back first week of july.. until then! :)

wish us luck and pray for us.


Paula Cole - I Don't Wanna Wait

Monday, June 11, 2012

happy 31st


happy 31st wedding anniversary 'rents!

their relationship started when they were introduced by their friends in college. to make a long story short, somewhere after they graduated, they broke up only to find one another a few years after on an unexpected day at an unexpected place (my mom was with her mom while my dad was with another girl-- i haven't confirmed my dad yet about his relationship with that girl. haha) after that meeting, dad pursued mom again until they decided to tie the knot on May 16, 1981.

fast forward.. 

after thirty-one years, they're still together!

i'm happy and proud for my parents! thirty-one years is a lot! our family may not be close to perfect but i couldn't ask for more. they had been and will always be my safe harbor.

thank you PARENTS for nurturing our family with all your love and sacrifices. thank you for always being there (in all aspect: physically, emotionally, etc.) for us while we grow up. thank you for the guidance. thank you for teaching us all these years that family is important. thank you for teaching us to value family bonding time at an early age. thank you for providing us a good life. thank you for everything-- you've always been the best blessing God has given us and we thank Him for both of you.


Emeli Sande - Next To Me

Sunday, June 10, 2012

it's saturday


music, food, books, and other drugs.


Anberlin - Amsterdam

Friday, June 8, 2012

small bump

you are my one and only.

finallly, i'm posting something about ed here! i've been really selfish of him for almost a year already (i'm sarreh!) i got issues about artists/music being so overrated: people are always talking about it which loses the song's meaning or the way i feel to a certain song. i'm not trying to be a music critic here, i'm only saying what i feel. i'm being selfish? kind of.

btw, i'm NOT against popular artists, it's just that starving/struggling artists have a unique way to make me feel more connected to their music-- their deep passion. do you feel me??

but oh well, fame has found ed and he bloody deserved it! (feeling close?!) so let's just support him, yes? :)



Thursday, June 7, 2012

happy graduation


My Look
2nd rho generation, congratulations! time flies so fast. it's almost two months since our graduation (which also means this post was long overdue!) i haven't really noticed the time since right after our graduation we started our review for our board exam. it's like going to school all over again = exhausting. everyday, we are overloaded with old and new information which we wish our brains could all contain but without success (or with little success, maybe.) enough with the drama.. moving on.. looking on the brighter side.. after 4 long years, i'm finally a degree holder! (something i can give back to my parents for all the sacrifices they made for me!) yahooo! thank you and love you, 'rents!
B.o.B - So Good
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